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If you are looking for a reliable anesthesia care, we are here to help. We are known for the best, personalized, and safe sedation with quick appointments and timely solutions.

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Certified Anesthesia Committed to Excellence

PAA has served the anesthesia needs of adults and children in New Hampshire and Maine since 2017. With over 20 years experience, we strive to provide expert service and offer the best solutions with the latest technologies.

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Let’s smile together.

Francis (Frank) Valenti, MS, CRNA, NSPM-C

Frank embodies the mindset of giving back throughout his practice.  From his patients to his colleagues, Frank is always available and ready with help, guidance, and support.

Our Services

All Your Anesthesia Needs in One Place

Dental Anesthesia

For procedures requiring general anesthesia, we are experienced in providing safe and compassionate anesthesia care in the office setting. 


We are eager to show colleagues/CRNAs new practice techniques, whether in the pain arena or in the pediatric dental arena, teaching them the business aspects of a successful independent practice.

Interventional Pain Management

We specialize in an array of pain blocking techniques often in the form of injection therapies.

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What Our Clients Say

Frank oozes a calm, caring, and compassionate sense that quickly garners trust and understanding from patients and parents.
If you’ve ever had time to sit with Frank and talk, you know that his heart is completely dedicated to making things better than when he found them.
Frank’s reputation with his colleagues near and far, the staff he works with day to day, and the community he lives in, is one of trust, respect, and professionalism.
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